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iPad Mini Keyboard Shootout

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Last year I did a keyboard shootout on the fullsize iPad Keyboard. The winner was a ZAGG keyboard (rebadged by Logitech). That keyboard has been fantastic -- I can type on it just as quickly as I can on my laptop, allowing me to bring my iPad + keyboard to meetings and be super productive. (Click here for a related post on hyper productivity on the laptop).

As the iPad get smaller, I realized it was time for me to do a new review, this time with smaller keyboards made for the iPad Mini.

These keyboards are only 7" inches across, not 9" like the fullsize iPad keyboard, and I was curious to see what losing 23% of the keyboard space would do for my productivity. Since I haven't yet purchased an iPad Mini (waiting for Retina display!), I used the fullsize iPad to run the tests, which was fine since I was just focused on the speed and usability of the keyboards.

I tested four different keyboards:

What Is Dvorak?

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Take a quick look at these two images, at first glance they look the same.

Now take a closer look. You will soon see some differences in the arrangement of the keys. The first image is the layout of a standard QWERTY keyboard. The second is the layout of the Dvorak keyboard.

What is Dvorak?

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