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Curious Compliments.

On pointless postulations.

There was a man who took a trip,

said he "a cradle! and with a grip!"

I thought I saw his sense of mind

imagining some compliment,

yet now I think it was a sign,

Transition from clean to jerk

On minimalift

Wesley asks: how can I manage my hand position when transitioning from the clean to the jerk?

Some people, like my lifter Esti, have enough mobility in the shoulders to stand up out of a clean and regrip from a dead stop in any way they see fit.

I am not one of those people, so here are two alternative methods for people like me (old, beat up, inflexible).

1. Retain your grip throughout the clean. If you don't let go you don't need to regrip! First of all you need to practice retaining a full grip in the front squat. Do this for a couple of weeks before attempting it with the clean. This is hard but worth pursuing. Your lats will adapt over time and you'll end up with a better front squat and clean.

Try as they might, this might be too much for some older lifters. I can retain my grip in a front squat, but end up in agony holding my grip throughout the clean. So here's method number 2.

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