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Marketing Secrets Of The Norwegian National Ski Team

On Linus Rylander

This morning I skipped my usual morning habit of writing a blog post, and instead decided to watch the men's cross country skiing relay in the world championships.

Something interesting happened. Each team had four contestants who went for three laps each. As the third of the four men went for his turn, everybody did their absolute best. They drove hard, went fast.

But as the last part of the event began, everybody slowed down. The Swedish, Norwegian, Italian and Russian teams had a huge advantage over the rest of the contestants. Around 13 seconds to the german guy, and something like a minute to the next guy behind him.

Yet they slowed down, saved their energy for the last lap. They practically slowed to a crawl, and even some skiers who were a minute and a half behind them, caught up.

But the four guys in the lead weren't worried. They knew they were the best, were in the best shape, and that they would have no trouble beating them when they needed to.

Armed Raiders Ransack Norwegian Poker Players

On Time Is a Thief

Around 15 people, most of them Norwegians, were robbed at gunpoint as they played poker in Strömstad, Sweden last week.

A gang of four masked men armed with guns forced themselves inside Hogdal Bygdegård farm and robbed the poker team in the early hours of Friday morning, around 1.30am. The poker players were forced down onto the floor by the robbers.

Source the local

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