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And We're Off, Part 2!

On Gorilla Tactics

In addition to Yuling, Patrick Steen has just joined the team as a Core Programmer. He hails from sunny Texas, where he will be wearing cowboy boots and coding for the project.

The cowboy boots part is, obviously, the more important of the two.

Having recently left his job to pursue a career in the video games industry, in true Cowboy fashion, Patrick decided to join the Kung Fu Kingdom project and stake his claim to what he considers to be "The greatest idea to ever come around since kettle corn!"

He didn't actually say that. I made that up.

Welcome to the team Patrick.

Qatar, 'the terrorist supporting nation'

On The Naughty Ostrich

Little Me has been asked by her Big Readers to throw in her two cents regarding the three GCC countries’ hostility toward their very own sister country Qatar. After the initial shock of the whole situation which triggered bad memories for me, I sat back, took a deep breath and studied the crisis. What came up shook me to my core— it was Iraq all over again.

After slumping with a bout of depression for the first couple of days I saw a very obvious pattern. Now I ask you to bear with me as I jump back and forth in time explaining my train of thought based on personal experiences.

Back in 1990 and specifically in the month of August the world saw the Iraqi army invading Kuwait. Outrage swept the globe while the real reasons for the decision to invade the tiny nation was mostly kept under wraps by the media. And soon the ‘hate-Saddam’ campaign was launched globally as the demonizing of the late Iraqi president became the duty of the media. I don’t think I need to get into the specifics.

As the list of accusations against Qatar grows everyday one thing remains clear; if Qatar supports terrorist groups then Saudi doesn’t? The biggest violator of human rights has finally decided to grow some morals?

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