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Go Faster, Get Over, or GET OUT OF THE WAY!

No, the picture is not of me, but it could be. I am not known for my patience in any capacity, most notably on the road. Being the driver I am, I blow a gasket when I get behind an idiot driver who is in the center lane, not going the speed limit or even attempting to keep up with traffic. Although I do not have the scientific proof, I would surmise 78% of most wrecks on major highways are caused by idiots who just do not want to get with the program. The remaining 22% are caused by the other idiots who rubberneck to gaze upon wrecks not even on their side of the highway. (Just a tip for this 22%, watch the news that night!)

In a recent bout with road rage, I began thinking how similiar it is on a team when one person is just not "on the bus" as stated in the great book: Good to Great. Just imagine, everyone is moving at a rapid pace toward the destination, you the fearless leader have set. There is excitement, thrill, progress, then there you spot it. The lone idiot in the middle lane going 20 miles under the speed suggestion, I mean limit, you set. And as you sit there and silently in your mind throw your hands up, pull your hair, and throw objects in your office it happens... the wreck.

In the last post, "Do the team a favor-Get Rid of the Loser", we talked about the effect one cancer cell has on your team. Now that we have identified the who, let's deal with the strategy.

So, back to the interstate. There I am, stuck behind this moron of a driver as minivans pass me at what seems to be mach speed on the interstate. It is in this moment (what seemed like an eternity), that I had this revelation. The same thing was I was telling the moron in front of me is most often what needs to be said to the cancer cells in a team. Go Faster (or up is more approriate), Get over (find a better suited job in the company), or Get Out (if you need an explanation to this one, you might be the moron in front of me).

3/three/30 Delayed

On Chasing a New Dream

Things have converged to delay my 3/three/30 marathon training plan. I am now planning on trying a late winter early spring marathon (Feb/March). I had the following issues come up that have made my current plan impossible.

With those three things I decided it would be best to look for a marathon date early next year versus forcing it with a November marathon. So I will not be posting any updates on marathon training until after soccer season (late October). After that I plan on refocusing and coming up with a new plan and new training targets.

For those of you who are wondering I was behind schedule by about 30 seconds a mile going into soccer season. During soccer tryouts I had a couple of weeks where I worked with the kids for an 1.5 hours each day so that really boosted my fitness levels. However, I didn't get any timed runs in before I pulled my calf.

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