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Calling in a Threat During a Meeting

Go ahead and admit it, you've thought about it. There you are, sitting in another one of those marathon meaningless meetings, wishing you were on an episode of SAW rather than sitting in that cramped room listening to the same speech over and over again. Then, one happy thought skips across your mind as a tease to get you out of there... call in a fake bomb threat. (Disclaimer: I would highly recommend you NOT do this since the FBI has a tendency to not find these measures so appealing.)

Why do meetings have to be so boring and unproductive? Why do you feel the air sucked out of your lungs when you receive one of those invites to the meeting of the week? Furthermore, why do most businesses have meetings about meetings? Not sure, but it can change.

One of my children asked me one day what I did at work. My response? I listen to conference calls. Yeah, that's exactly what I said I wanted to do when I grew up during my 2nd grade speech to the class. "When I grow up, I want to endure pointless meetings that take up hours of my life I will never get back. I want to become addicted to the wonderful and exciting hold music that plays before those fabulous conference calls." Um yeah, never came out of my mouth, but it seems, the higher in an organization you go, the more talking and less doing occurs.

There are times I miss being on the front lines. I miss working in a bank branch. I loved it. There was always closure at the end of the day. Did I balance? How many people did I serve today? Did I hit my numbers to get the bonus? Those where the only questions I wanted answers to as I walked out the door at the end of the business day. Those were the good old days.

Most American workers want and long for satisfaction. Yes, interacting with the team is paramount to success, but not necessarily via meetings discussing the same topics every time. People get excited when they see progress being made. In the book, "Good to Great", the authors discuss the pendulum effect. Essentially, with a little push, the pendulum begins gaining momentum and with the right balance of force, begins to pick up speed. This speed is associated with an action. You cannot talk to a pendulum and share minutes about the talk in order to get it to shift. You have to put something into it.

Internal Scorecard #1


The Internal Scorecard

I think there's a tremendous amount of misconceptions regarding achievement, productivity, creativity, ambition, work, work rate, work ethic, and so on.

So I'm thinking of publishing some analysis weekly with examples of what happened in the week, successes and failures, noteworthy events, what I'm reading and listening to, and so on. If it goes well, I can give you a picture of a workweek for me, intermix tactics and techniques, and give you practical guidance about what's working well and what isn't.

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