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I like to make people stuff their faces when they diet

"Why are you making me eat so much food? Aren't I trying to lose weight?"

That's essentially the question that someone asked in my Minimum Viable Fitness training group. More specifically, he felt silly stuffing his face every day with ice cream and the like on a program focused on fat loss. He wanted to know if he could just have minimum numbers of fat, protein, and carbohydrates, then eat until satiety.

Here's my candid response to him. I apologize for typos and whatnot... I did not intend on turning this into a blog post.


I'll explain my reasoning as to why I'm grinning maniacally while everyone has tummy aches from feeling too full. Please read in full.

Why The Slow Carb Diet Simply Can’t Fail

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In a society of greedy CEOs and persuasive marketing, how does one fully trust the messages being displayed to them?

This is not a problem if you’re simply looking for a new pair of running shoes but when your health is the issue at hand, you need answers. Let’s be honest, those who profit from many of today’s popular diets and nutritional supplements are in no rush to let you know whether or not their product works.

It is situations like this when one must see through the bells, whistles, and celebrity endorsements and take a more critical look at things. Where better to get an unbiased, reliable opinion than your old Biology text book. If you were to review any of the fundamentals of how the human body works, I`m confident you`ll quickly see why the Slow Carb Diet can work for you.

The Diet:

The Slow Carb Diet utilizes the knowledge of the Glycemic Index which is a scale to measure how quickly and sharply a food with raise blood sugar levels. With the Slow Carb Diet, you avoid foods (including some which you may have initially perceived as beneficial in your weight loss journey) which rank high on the Glycemic Index. It promotes the consumption of lean proteins, vegetables, legumes and healthy oils.

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