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Your Ultimate Transformation – Train with me

(I'm starting a new class via Fitocracy Team Fitness. Readers of this blog can get 20% off by using the coupon code "sett")

Have you ever been blown away by a transformation picture? If you’ve ever seen any supplement ad or infomercial, chances are you have.

And, if you’re like most people, you wish you were the person in that before-and-after picture.

But if transformations were common, you’d see them everywhere. Sadly, only a very small percentage of people are able to make them.

… That is, unless you are a client of mine.

How to Find the Perfect Domain Name

On Zach Browne

One-, two-, and three-word domain names are at a premium. But with a little imagination, you can find short domain names that are easy for users to remember. You might consider adding "The" or "My" to a short domain name just might be available (thevideoplace.com or myvideoplace.com, for example). Adding a number at the end can also help you find short domain names that are available (rosegardening101 or photography101 for example).

If you have to take a longer domain name in order to include your keyword, take the longer domain name. This makes it easy for your customers, and the search engines, to find you.

This will ensure that competitors won't be able to use a business name or domain name similar to it to steal customers. Trademarks are invaluable, and companies go to great lengths to protect them. Trademarks are what make a business memorable, and your domain name needs to establish your trademark. You can do it with your own name ("videosbymark.com," "backyardgardeningbyleon.com"). Names can also be placed at the beginning of a domain name ("johnsphotos.com" or "johnsbackyardgardening.com")Â It must be free of legal conflicts with trademarks belonging to other businesses. There are laws that forbid using brand names that are owned by others. You might find out that tvsbybestbuy.com is available. It might even attract a few customers. But you can be sure that it will come to the attention of Sears, and it will be brought to the attention of their attorneys. You'll spend a lot of time and money in court defending yourself.

When you're choosing a domain name, be sure to print it out exactly like it will be used in the address bar and see whether any double meaning can be attached to it. For example, "therapist.com" can be interpreted as "The Rapist.com." Write "Speed of Art" all as one word and see what you get.

Here are a few resources to use when looking for a name.

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