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The Other Side of Strength

This post was originally made on schwarzenegger.com. I've reposted it here so that my followers can read it.

In the three years since starting Fitocracy, I’ve personally interacted with tens of thousands of people attempting to transform themselves.

Many succeeded, but many have failed. For those who failed, it wasn’t for a lack of trying or initial motivation. After all, many did attempt to emulate the same iron willpower and work ethic that they saw in Arnold.

Thankfully I’ve also seen many success stories, many of which are in Arnold’s 1% Challenge group, whose members just last week hit a cumulative one million workouts.

If you look around the group and its success stories, you won’t see many folks who would call themselves athletic. If anything, you’ll find a scrappy, try-hard, bunch of geeks, moms, and Average Joe’s, who’ve found their spark.

Firebreaks and Rapid Repairs


I don't get to write very often about productivity these days. I'm too busy doing things. There's some sad irony there.

Yet, there's two points that have been so critical, so valuable, so life-affirming... that I so often see people doing the exact opposite of what's correct in... that I thought I'd spend my morning writing this up.

Images via Wikipedia article on "firebreak."

1. Firebreaks: Because When Your Mind Can't Be Trusted, It Really Can't Be Trusted

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