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Your Ultimate Transformation – Train with me

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Have you ever been blown away by a transformation picture? If you’ve ever seen any supplement ad or infomercial, chances are you have.

And, if you’re like most people, you wish you were the person in that before-and-after picture.

But if transformations were common, you’d see them everywhere. Sadly, only a very small percentage of people are able to make them.

… That is, unless you are a client of mine.

The group training model

On minimalift

A personal trainer at a big box gym recently signed up to study weightlifting with me. Like many in the fitness industry, he offers 1:1 sessions, and if I had to guess that is his primary offering. Let me add that there's nothing wrong with that and it's a very normal and well-understood thing to do in the fitness industry today. There were some questions over pricing and what happens if more people train under my supervision at the same time. His preference was towards individual attention but I wanted to offer my thoughts on why I think that's inferior to group training.

The 1:1 model operates on a flawed model that supposes results are correlated to the amount of individual attention you get. I think the de facto hour long session is an issue to but we'll not get into that now and focus on what happens in that timeframe. Let's say your goal is to lift heavy weights. How many times can you do that in an hour? If the weight is anything approaching heavy, it's not likely to be once a minute for an hour straight. So there's going to be a lot of downtime while you rest and recover. After corrective cues have been administered (typically one word to two sentences per set) that's a lot of time left for me and you to have to make small talk. I could be spending that time coaching. It's harder to do but a lot more productive AND profitable for both parties! Let me show you how.

Benefits for the trainer

Benefits for the trainee

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