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Why I recommend strength training and no cardio (...for most people... especially those in tech)

Whoops, one month since my last post. IIRC, it took me two months to blog again the last time, so I'd like think I'm still getting better at this.

Fat Loss Factor BOOK - What You Should Know About Fast Fat Loss and Dietary Supplements

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"Fat Loss Factor Book" When there are more than 95 million people in the U.S. who are considered obese or overweight, it's no wonder why there's increased demand for products that offer fast fat loss. The need to lose excess weight has also paved the way for special diets and exercises. Many people consider losing weight a difficult battle and would rather turn to over-the-counter pills that promise immediate results. Do these dietary supplements really lead to fast fat loss? Here are some important things you need to know:

Weight loss in a pill

The only over-the-counter fast fat loss dietary supplement that has the approval of the USFDA is Orlistat. It works by interfering with the natural ability of the body to process and absorb fats. However, this dietary supplement only works if:

1) you minimize the intake of unsaturated fats in your diet

2) you're willing to wait

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