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Exciting Announcement(s) for my Plans in 2015

2014 was a bit of a strange transition year for Dick Talens.

In March, I left the company that I spent almost every waking hour of the day working on since starting it in 2011. Part of the reason that I left is realizing that I've spent my mid-to-late 20's glued to a chair and monitor. After that, I spent the year traveling, drinking, chasing tail, and building up my coaching business to the point where I could earn a six-figure living if I just did that fulltime on my own.

As you can see above, I chased way too much tail this year.

With that being said, I will no longer be part of the fitness industry on a fulltime basis. While I do love coaching, writing, and devoting a chunk of my time to helping people with fitness, it's going to be more of a hobby/pet passion of mine for the time being.

Celebrity Sighting : Me?

On Tynan

After work I went to get some dinner with Doug and Steve. Doug is one of the engineers at Smiley Media, who you will be hearing about soon due to some incredible plans we have set in motion. Steve, as you may remember owns Smiley Media. Jonah joined us later for drinks and fish tacos (for those of us who don't drink) at Saba, a generically trendy bar downtown. The draw was that its windows look down onto Cedar Street, where the Spasmodics were playing. The Spasmodics are a band who probably deserve some description, but I don't care enough to go into it.

When we were at Saba, I saw some incredibly hot girls. I know that may not seem noteworthy to a lot of readers, but I don't see a ton of hot girls on a regular basis for some reason. That should change.

Anyway, we all decided to go back to my place to watch Lost. Steve, Doug, and Jonah took Jonah's car, and I took mine.

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