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Pots and Pans

Dear Internet,

So my birthday is tomorrow and I'm turning into an adult.

I mean, age-wise. It will probably be awhile until I am an "adult."

Seriously, I feel like (and look like) I'm still 11. And adulthood is coming at me like

Home vs. Visiting

On Military Dad

I've been gone for the vast majority of the past year.

I left last November, and I ultimately returned home a little over two weeks ago. During that time, I was home for three weeks over Christmas and three weeks in July while my family came to visit me for a few days over Memorial Day. Fortunately, I've been in various schools instead of deployed, so I was always able to call the wife and kids or even Skype during the times that my bargain basement computer was able to keep up. I'm now home for the immediate future which is incredibly nice.

When I compare the three weeks that I was visiting in July to actually being home now, it's amazing how much of a difference there is.

Don't get me wrong. Anytime that I'm actually with the family is terrific. It's awesome to spend some time with my wife (CinC HOUSE) and actually watch the kids (Princess and Little Dude) grow up. Being home instead of just visiting, however, is a world of difference.

When I was just here for a few weeks, there was no real desire to do stuff around the house. My priorities were just spending time with the family and enjoying the company. I had no real desire to cook dinner or do the dishes. After being gone for the better part of eight months, my wife had understandably built a pretty extensive honey-do list, but it just didn't appeal to me. The laundry was a problem for someone else and the lawn could always wait until after I left.

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