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Packing my Business Cards and Camera

Like any other senior in college, I constantly think about what's going to happen after my golden years. Sometimes the anxiety takes over and I fall in a black hole for a couple of minutes; the panic is intense. I barely have any work experience, quit my internship and started getting serious about putting myself out there only a couple of months ago.

But guest speaker Steve Savoca, Spotify's global content and distribution manager, said something interesting, "The best way of networking is to go to conferences." It's something I never thought of and as soon as I got home, I researched journalism conferences. YES, THEY EXIST! In fact, there's a great variety to choose from.

The one that caught my eye immediately is the one in Hawaii. I mean, what doesn't sound great about it, right? Yup, this is it, the perfect opportunity to get to meet people in the business and getting a new stamp in my passport simultaneously.

My time there will be very limited, but I want to see as much as possible. Besides (DUH!) going to the beach, I want to explore the island.

Here's a list of things that I intend to do in Honolulu:

On Trend - Just add Fur


The fur trend this fall is by far one of the hottest keeping style fans warm around the fashion capitals. An overwhelming 70% of designers have featured at least one take on fur during the fashion weeks of 2013.

There are no limits it seems on the fur-fever, from dyed, embossed, shaggy or classic, this is one staple item A-L recommends you shop for. From ear-muffs to vests, incorporating fur into your outfit will leave you spoilt for choice. Add the drop in temperature and it’s easy to see why fur garments are finding their way into closets of the masses.

Fur or faux will continue to be a debate every time this beautiful trend hits the runway from which ethical brands have reached much support.

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