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For the Techies Out There!

If you pride yourself on being a tech junkie and always want to have the latest in tech gadgets available in the market, then this list of the best smartphones for 2014 should be something you should read.

You can find it at this link

Truly, smartphones have come a long way ever since they came into the scene. With them pushing old phones out of relevance, I would not be surprised if they would become the mainstay phones for many decades to come. This is simply because they are easy to use and that there are not much to improve upon on them.In any case, feel free to satisfy yourself with the smorgasbord of smartphones to watch out for this 2014!

Wallet Already Out


I've worked in a variety of new-ish industries and old world industries lately. One distinction strikes me between them -

With many an old world industry, people already know they want to buy. Thus, it's about maxing dollar per sale.

With many a new world industry, people don't know what you're offering. Thus, getting a larger percent of people to try your product/service is a bigger deal.

Take a restaurant. Everyone in a restaurant goes in with cash already. Maybe they look at the menu first, but probably they just sit down. And when they sit down, they're buying something.

Thus, the restaurant business is about getting people into the restaurant and then maxing out the good experience and dollar per sale. Designing your menu so the high margin items "pop out" and get chosen more often, training your wait staff to be very cool and professional and to upsell drinks/desserts/wines/whatever.

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