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My Dream Sanctuary

The attic has always had a good and warm impression on me. Boo to those horror films which do not have any other corner to shoot their dreadful plot, but the “dark attic”. I digress. My dream room is up on the attic, with a platform bed facing a beautiful skylight. That way I can always see the sky and feel peaceful when I want to write. There would be a shelf loaded with books close to my heart. The only entryway to my haven is a trapdoor. And only people I approved of can come in. How cool would that be right?

Answers to Your 2011 Gear Post Questions

On Tynan

I was going to post something new today, but there are so many questions on the 2011 Gear Post that I figured it's better to answer them in a separate post rather than the comments, since blog commenting systems suck.

What happened to the Vibrams / huaraches?

Vibrams are gone. They just smell too bad too quickly. That includes the Smartwool ones, which I was very hopeful about. They seemed to take longer, but still not long enough. I still have the huaraches, and love them. I roll them up and stuff them at the bottom of my bag and always wear the Terra Planas when traveling (in general, always wear your bulkiest items and pack the other ones).

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