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Kerrigan of Starcraft

When you think about one of the most badass females in gaming history, nothing comes into mind more than Sarah Kerrigan and rightfully so, she is one of the best in what she does. The argument, however, could be made that Kerrigan was only a product of the corrupt intents of an individual and his lack of compassion (I am referring to you Mengsk!). Then again, as the Queen of Blades, she did have her revenge and by the time the Heart of the Swarm expansion was over in the Second Installment in the Starcraft Series, you would find her to be much more of a better character than what you would have thought.

Choosing My Favorite Superhero

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For some arbitrary reason, I enjoy thinking of my favorites. Whether it be musicians, sports teams, or really anything else, I have this urge to occasionally "categorize" myself (despite the fact that I detest labels and believe we should stray away from them). That being said, I always wondered who my favorite superhero was.

Now I never really grew up with superheroes. I wasn't an avid comic book reader like your stereotypical nerd (any Big Bang Theory fans?). Really, my only experience with superheroes are the few mainstream movies I've watched recently. This blog post is an effort to dive into this realm I've never ventured into.

For time's sake, I'm only going to look into a few of these individuals. This selection is mainly based on popularity because I don't really want to look closely into obscure superheroes (who the hell is Plastic Man?).

My choices were Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, and Thor. All are pretty well-known, but I tried to incorporate both icons and a few darkhorse candidates. I do realize I don't have any women choices, but that's because there are no recent well-known movies about female superheroes.

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