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Women of West Point

On Pest in Midst

The heart of a hero is the essence that drive a person to join the jihadis or serve the army. For women jihadis, "potential recruits are told their main role in the Islamic revolution will be through matrimony and childbearing, not martyrdom," [Daily Beast, 3 Sep 2014]. In contrast the American military will be opening combat positions to qualifying women by 2016.

Since West Point opened its doors to women in 1976, there had been some women with outstanding achievements. Lindsey Danilack was the the top cadet at West Point, Class of 2014. She was not the first women to hold this position but the fourth. This article on New York Time Magazine takes a peek into the aspiration of the Women at West Point.

Slim fitted bullshit

On Minimalist Wealth

Shirt manufacturers don't make it easy for toned guys to find a shirt. By sizing shirts for the increasingly heavier American male, manufacturers capture a larger market, leaving us gentlemen with tapered torsos with fewer options. This is not a matter of style- if you are at all thin, a regular, or 'modern fit' shirt will not fit, and is analagous to JNCO jeans.

From much experimentation, I've found that most shirts labeled 'Slim Fit' will fit most fat men just fine. Body builders and fullbacks might fill out a typical 'slim fit' shirt but guys with swimmers' bodies will be swimming in it.

After much searching, I picked up a few of the more affordable slimmest cuts I could find. They are:

For reference, I am 5' 9" and 140 lbs. My shoulders are considerably wider than my waist.

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