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I'm not much of a blog reader, but there are 3 blogs that I follow heavily: Tynan, Seth Godin, and Steve Pavlina. If you're looking for some good reading, you found my blog - good work. If you're looking for more than just me, check these guys out.


For those of you who don't know, Tynan is co-founder of SETT, the blogging platform I'm using now. He's also the reason I'm interested in blogging, and one of my main sources of motivation when I'm feeling unproductive. I have a few projects right now that deserve more attention than I usually give them, and reading Tynan's posts usually have the effect of making me more productive. If I had to categorize his posts, I'd say he writes about how to live life in an optimal way. I believe there is a very narrow group of people that share his philosophies, and that's who he writes for. I happen to be one of those people, so if you find yourself enjoying my blog, I'd suggest you check his out (it's way better).

Write Freely, Edit Ruthlessly

On Imported Blog

If you ask any high school senior what the worst part about senior year is, their response will definitely be college applications. There are tons of essays one has to write. I, personally, wrote at least thirty.

But, there was a silver lining to this drudgery. I feel as if my writing and attitude towards it have improved. From ever since I can remember, I've struggled as a writer. I tend to be too wordy and I don't use much descriptive language. Certainly my preference for reading non-fiction in lieu of fiction doesn't help solve this problem.

This blog was (and still is!) an attempt for me to improve my writing. I don't know if it is working, but I hope it has helped me find my voice. I've never been able to analyze my own writing. I don't know my "style," but I am interested in how I write.

With these college essays, however, I can definitely say my writing has improved. First, I had to find some voice. These essays were personal, unlike most of the analytical writing I have to do in school. But, most of the improvement was in the little things. I never used to edit my work. If you look at past blog posts (and probably even this one), you will see they are littered with errors that I never fixed because I didn't proofread.

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