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Win Win Situations

I'm in the middle of trying to start a business. One of the main focuses at this point is creating several agreements between partners. In these negotiations, the other side almost always wants more than they deserve. Part of this is probably my fault for not setting realistic expectations, but it's also partially due to human nature.

That being said, the lesson I've learned is to not be greedy. By offering these partners more money and/or equity, I could choose to react by recognizing that I will not make as much money. Every dollar I give them is a dollar I do not receive myself.

The better way to view this, though, is that every dollar that I give them is spent on something that benefits me. We're creating this company as a team, and the whole reason I offer them anything is because they are providing a benefit. In a few cases, I can honestly say that without a specific partner I would not have a business. Every dollar I give these partners is not a dollar lost, but actually several dollars gained.

Overall, this is the attitude I try to take when spending any money at all. Spending money on a gym membership is not a waste, but rather an investment and a savings on future doctor bills. Spending money on good food is not expensive, it's a low cost health plan. Spending money on education, of any kind, ultimately can pay dividends way beyond the original investment.

Banana Cookie Recipe

On Mike Dariano

There's nothing that gets my attention faster on the internet than fruit or vegetables in cookie form and these banana oatmeal cookies were no exception. At our house we love bananas and use them in a bunch of different ways. Frozen bananas can go into banana "nicecream" or smoothies.

Non-frozen ones get sliced and drizzled with honey, peanut butter, or Nutella. These cookies were a hit at our house, here's the recipe but first remember the secret to using bananas. If you're cooking them they must be very soft and brown or you'll get a taste like you're eating part of the peel. You can quickly brown them by placing them in a paper - not plastic bag. Onto the recipe.

We used our toaster oven - you'll get about 12-14 of the sized cookies you see above. You can also use a melon baller to give the cookies more shape.

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