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Why Dance?!

Why dance?! Why not? For me, dancing is more than something you do for fun at the obligatory school disco at the timid age of 11; it’s more than the Google definition, where it’s supposedly a number of steps performed rhythmically to music. To me, dance is quite frankly, my life. It’s an art form, a way to express emotion through any which way of movement or stillness you wish.

Dance never interested me until the feeble age of about 13, I was casted as an extra/dancer in the school play ‘Grease’. “Dancer” I thought? ‘No way’, I told myself. Little at this point did I know that it would be enough to inspire me to take my study of dance further. GCSE, GCE and now degree level at university.

The truth is that I lost my passion for dance straight after school, I was keen to apply to Laban at the age of 17 to study dance and hopefully become a performer. I guess I wasn’t ready at that age to take the plunge, so I sat back, began a degree that I wasn’t interested in, dropped out, got into full time work and a tedious routine.

5 years it took for the routine to shift, events in my life took a turn and I duly found my way back to the path that I’ve desired, since that school play at 13. I guess everything really does happen for a reason.

Anyway, this entry is just a little introduction to my new blog. There will be regular updates, videos, photos etc. of what I get up to in my dancing life so please follow if you’re interested!

A Little About Me

On The Panicky Hummingbird

My name doesn't really matter, that's not really the point of this blog. I could be any of the thousands of youth who grew up in the 90's as a part of the church. And, I'm sure my story mirrors at least parts of your own. But, to give you a brief overview of my origins, read on.

Conservative Origins

I'm originally from the South, although I've lived in several places during my lifetime. I grew up attending church every week. My family would drive an hour to church and back for both morning and evening services as well as Wednesday evening prayer meetings.

Being homeschooled made church an even more important part of my life. Most of my friends growing up were girls I knew from my church. It was a very conservative atmosphere. A lot of blue jean dresses and a lot of Keds sneakers. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, but that will be a later topic for a later date.

College Years

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