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"You always reverse-engineer. Always."

On Linus Rylander

Despite all the advice to "never underestimate people's intelligence" -- it's pretty hard not to.

If you ask me to summarize all the things I teach, I feel it basically boils down to "Stop being a dumbass."

In the past when mapping out new business ideas and strategies and plans, I wanted to have everything in place before getting started. Especially back-end offers.

I was, and still am, firmly aware that the person with the best back end strategy will win in business.

If you can spend more money to get a customer than your competitor can, you'll win every time.

On Design Driving Everything, by Joshua Gross


Joshua Gross has been interested in the intersection of art and computers since he was nine years old -- and it shows. He's regularly brought into companies at incredibly high rates to improve their front-end design and user experience, and consult with management over ensuring their products connect with customers. This interview is key for startup founders, programmers, product managers, and people in venture capital: if you're needing to understand what makes a product good for an end user, Joshua Gross is illuminating.

Joshua is currently offering a GiveGetWin deal "Get User-Centric to Win" -- perfect for startup founders, investors, those working on UI/UX, and other front-end developers, product managers, and creatives.

Design Drives Everything, by Joshua Gross, as told to Sebastian Marshall

Design really is the fundamental way a product works and interacts with the end user, the person using the product. It's more than how something looks or how it feels. It's how it looks, feels, works, and you could even go as far as to say it's why it works the way it does.

A chair is designed to fit the human form, for instance. Imagine you didn't take people into consideration when designing a chair, and only took into account making it look good. It could be too skinny, or have a bad angle, or otherwise be wildly uncomfortable. It doesn't make sense to make a chair to look pretty, you do it for people to sit on.

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