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My Curly Hair Story

I have been cursed with fine wavy hair since I was a baby. But, as I grew up, my hair changed into a thick frizzy mess. During elementary school, my hair was manageable, I had bangs and shoulder length hair. Once middle school started, and maybe new hormones kicking in, my hair was an unmanageable mess. My hair became very thick and curly. To compensate for this, I grew out my bangs, and put my hair into a low ponytail every single day. I would wash my hair with sudsy shampoo, whatever conditioner I had on hand, didn't bother with leave in condition, and had little to no curly hair products. I would also brush my mass of hair every day, even when it was dry. Days between showers were frizzy disasters for me!

Once high school came along, I started to get better hair products, and only brush my hair while wet. Unfortunately, I was lazy. I didn't have bangs anymore, but had long layers and my hair was a bit past my shoulders. Since it was long, I was able to put it up in a messy bun every day. Occasionally I would let my hair down and show off my curls, but it would take me an hour to make sure I had enough hair product in my hair. (This would cause 'crunchy hair syndrome' once my hair was dry)

One magical day while on a Caribbean cruise with my dad, step mom, and step sister. I got a haircut. My step sister pushed me to get a haircut and try something new. I must have spent over an hour sitting in the ship's salon. Immediately after, I did have a bit of what I like to call "Q-Tip head" because my hair was picked out so much it looked like I was a Q-Tip! Once I washed it the next day, I saw the cut. It was perfect. It was in between chin and shoulder length, and was a big chop for me. My hairdresser described it as an A-line bob, but the the A-line was not very drastic. With the new shape, I also got my bangs back. I did not have the classic triangle shape that many curly girls get after a cut, but instead I had a beautiful shape! I was in love! I would straighten my bangs and leave the rest curly. My curls were short enough where I couldn't put them up in a bun anymore, so I had to deal with them.

Since that haircut, I have found a lady who cuts my hair dry (like on the cruise ship, and how it should be cut with curly hair). I have been keeping it short. I no longer have bangs, but the hair surrounding my face is shaped to show off my smile!

Throughout trial and error I have perfected my curly hair routine and am now able to have beautiful, and sometimes frizzy, curly hair. I hope that I can share my routine, tips, and tricks with all you curly girls out there! If you ever have a question ask and I will be sure to help you out!

Steel on the Inside, Steel on the Outside? (Or, "On getting a haircut screwed up")


Life is funny.

About 36 hours ago, I wrote "Steel on the Inside, Silk on the Outside."

I think most guys are afraid to do this – to wear light colors, to go to a spa, to being silly and lighthearted, these traditionally feminine things. I think most guys go out of their way to appear tough, rugged, macho. And you know why? I think it’s because most of ‘em are soft on the inside, scared, powerless, aimless.

My philosophy is be as strong as steel on the inside, and light and gentle like silk on the outside.


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