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Irrationality & Economics

This semester, I'm actually really excited about my classes. I spent the last year and half taking breadth (general education) requirements. I still have some to go, but I had a lot more freedom this semester to take whatever I wanted.

One of the classes that I'm most excited about is a class called Public Policy C103: Wealth and Poverty taught by Robert Reich. This was the turn out for the first day of class.

(Photo credit: Michelle Galemmo)

The lecture hall is designed to fit about 750 people. But, there are about 300 people on the waitlist, so about 1000 showed up. I sat on the floor in the waaaay back.

Big goals

On Python Bake

This blog's purpose is to track my journey in learning to code in Python. I am not a programmer. My background is in the liberal arts and law and now I work for the government in a non-technical position. So why would I learn how to code? Well, basically I have an idea for a web-based application that I would like to bootstrap to success. Since I don't really have any programmer friends, and my bank account is not filled with freshly minted coins, I decided to build the application myself.

I chose Python because I read that of the programming languages out there it may be an easier one to learn for a complete beginner and because it seems to have a large support structure. My ultimate goal is to learn DJANGO and use that framework to build my app, but before I jump in, I thought I should learn Python basics. To make this happen, I have been dabbling with two courses:

Udacity's Introduction to Computer Science

Al Sweigart's Invent with Python

So far the progress has been slow, in part because I am working full time, but also because I am battling procrastination and lack of drive on days when I am tired from work. Now mind you that I come home from work by 5 pm usually and do not go to sleep until about 10:30 pm. It is difficult to understand how those 5.5 hours are filled with unproductive behavior, but somehow it appears that I am a natural procrastinator and have no problems using that time up. So you can say that really this blog will also serve as a way for me to overcome my own shortfalls during this journey.

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