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Five Things about the First Week

As I mentioned before, I am a student at UC Berkeley. I am truly grateful for the privilege of learning at the best public university in the nation. Yet, sometimes I can't help but feel that I don't want to be here anymore.

Aside from the wicked smart people here and the competitiveness, I don't want to be here because I don't really handle stress well and question if I could really thrive here. I wish it was still winter break right now because I desperately want to be in the safety and comfort of my family. Have you ever felt this way?

But, instead of turning this post into some depressing vent about all that I have to do and complaining about all the anxiety, I'm going to list five things that have made me happy this week.

Second, First Week of College

On The Words I Think

Well, my first week of my second semester wasn't as rough as the last. Of course every time, I get home sick and that's exactly why as I am writing this I am waiting on my dad to pick me up.

My first week of last semester went horrible due to the fact that I broke up with boyfriend, was extremely home sick, and had an allergic reaction to sulfur. I had no idea I was allergic until then.

But this semester my boyfriend and I settled things out and started a fresh start, I am still home sick and it goes away slowly, and no ALLERGIC REACTIONS! YAY!!! But I did make a friend last semester and she went and transferred on me and now I have to make new friends but I will always have my best friend as my roommate. We hardly see each other because our schedules are totally opposite:( BUT when we do get to hang out with each other, we get lost in our girl talk that I forget I'm in college.

But my dad shall be here within 5 minutes so type to ya'll (Yes, I am from Texas lol) next time!!

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