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Giving SETT a try

On CoreyB

I've been delaying making my own personal blog for a while now, and now that SETT's online, I figured it's a good time. Right now I fear I may have jumped into the adoption cycle a bit too early, what with the difficulty in completing very simple actions, but for the time being, I am willing to try it out. Bear with the ugly background for now - it's not exactly clear which photos go where, and what size works best for each one. *cough*tip for Tynan*cough. 

As to what I'd like to see out of SETT, I'd hope that you can change the look of things more than simply the color of stuff and header photo. For example, I like the SETT bar up top always being there, but the grey text on a dark background doesn't pop very much. It'd be nice to be able to make them more obvious (white on black, perhaps?) - otherwise new visitors to the site (who aren't familiar with SETT) may miss them, and for me a website with pages is very important. Yes the time dated blog has it's place, but there should be parts of the website that are static and never change - many readers are not going to scroll all the way through your archives to find stuff. Websites are more than just a blog. Scott Hanselman's site is a good example of this - it autodirects to his blog, but there is much more available than just that on his site.

Being able to mondify those little boxes to the right is very important too, like adding in a little shoutout to a book or link, like Sebastian has done with Ikagi.

That "What you should read next" popup better be optional. The modern web surfer doesn't like gimmicky pop-ups - I don't want to be associated with something like that.

But these are just gripes and things to work through. The actual construction of post looks very easy and straight forward indeed. I'm very excited to see what this baby can do.

Casco Viejo

On Tynan

Jose, our friend and the guy who rented our apartment to us, is a Spanish teacher here in Panama. He comes over a couple times a week and hangs out with us. It's business and pleasure - we learn Spanish from him and we teach him about online business. He's a lot more of an expert in his field than we are in ours.

Last week he told us about a couple he teaches here. The guy, Peep (pronounced 'Pep') is from Estonia, and the girl, Sarah, is from Austin! We called them up and planned to hang out one night.

They live in Casco Viejo - "The Old City". Todd and I kept intending to go visit Casco Viejo, but never got around to it. Unless there's a moderate amount of pressure, you can't ply us from our work.

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