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Hating Birthdays

This is my grandmother and she is 83 years old. Her hobbies include living through the Korean War and watching Korean soap operas.  She has seen a lot of life.  

In my late teens to mid twenties I had strong (negative) feelings about birthdays, even my own.  I noticed a trend where people started to celebrate not only their birthDAY but their birthWEEK and then their birthMONTH.  I can remember receiving a birthday card in the mail for my ex-girlfriend and enclosed was a message from her sister that read, "Happy Birthday Month!" For someone who has been in monogamous relationships their entire adult life you could see how this would be tiresome for the mind and for the pocketbook. This kind of cynicism only perpetuated my idea that the only person who should be congratulated on a birthday is the mother of the birthday child.  My name is Constance and I used to rain on other people's birthday parades.  When I think about it now, it could've been my own insecurities holding me back from celebrating birthdays.  I was harboring serious fears of growing older and resented others for not feeling the same. "Don't you realize you are one year closer to dying?" You know who else hates birthdays? Mr. Brian Kinney. <------ A Queer As Folk reference in 2013, AND WHAT!


On The Tasteless Moose

It is all about how you perceive . . .

A natural inkling on the part of my mother, many moons ago; saw me encamped in a class for learning the basics of communication. It was just right; I found that I could comprehend the different concepts – or compartments of communication; the why’s and wherefores, and procedures for gaining not only the ability to communicate; but to ensure you are heard, to ensure someone is attending your conversation, and getting a fair duplicate of what you’d said too! Thus the listener gets some kind of recognition on what it was that was said.

Half the battle in relation to schools has to do with teaching. Teachers communicating in such a way as to be comprehensible to the students in their class! If teacher has trouble with any of the components of communication; then the resulting confusion is what that class will duplicate; whether it wants to or not.

Further more, if I learned what makes good communication, it follows then that I would have gained some insight into how NOT to use communication, so as to not severely effect another in an adverse way.

You can actually violate the natural laws of communication to such an extent that it causes trouble, en=mass! If you don’t believe it, take a look at your average run of the mill school at the playlunch break for example.

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