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Putting Mindfulness Into Practice

I listened to this story and thought what a bold mistake but what I found the most admirable was the way he was able to admit his huge mistake. Pride gets in the way of resolution and tends to make situations worse. I have put a lot of self-improvement mindfulness on the back burner. I understand mindfulness can only be practiced if it is intentional. What has become a habit in the last few months is my ability to look outward and point a finger at external factors for causing my negative or positive attitude. If I am sad it tends to be because someone or something is making me sad. In passed months, my happiness could only be brought on by something external therefore it was considered "situational happiness." I quickly forget my happiness can only be created within myself.

The last couple weeks have really opened me up. The vulnerability I have been feeling has brought me to tears on average once a day. This morning I fell back into hold habits. I was put in a situation created only in my mind rather then the reality. The scene was silly, almost trivial but it domino-ed into the lives of others and affected the emotions of every person within proximity. I saw how my poor attitude caused others to step on eggshells around me and in turn made it hard to communicate their needs to me. Being out of practice, of what is considered common courtesy to most, is a harsh reality for me. Here are a few of my daily reminders to maintain mindfulness in my relationships.

1. Don't project your feelings. A common maneuver when I know I've done something childish and don't want to admit it.

2. Take responsibility for your actions. It's hard to admit to others when you've made a mistake or made bad decision. It hurts your pride and it can be quite embarrassing. People will appreciate that you can validate their feelings before your own.

"The Shadow Knows"

On The Pleasant Scorpion

What’s in your Shadow?

My last post was about making mistakes.I am not sure how many people read it. I thought:surely, everyone makes mistakes and would be curious about looking into their mistakes further.

On choosing this topic, the shadow, I am assuming that no one wants to learn about their shadow and will probably not understand what I am about to say.

My attitude is:if one person gets it, then it’s worth it.

I first heard about the shadow when I was in graduate school in Maine, over 35 years ago.Jung described the shadow as a part of us that we totally deny exists:a part so repulsive we turn our backs. Our denial is so fierce that it’s in the shadow or the unconscious.Unconscious: meaning we cannot be aware of it directly. As it was described to me then, I was completely puzzled. Forget that.

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