Mark Community Poch Everything for Everyone en-us Tue, 13 Nov 2018 18:14:30 +0000 Sett RSS Generator What is the Safest Automobile on the Road? While safety is a primary concern to car buyers, one thing is certain: cars are not created equally. In fact, over 32,000 people die in car accidents every year.

There are a number of things that you can do to avoid becoming one of these statistics, the first and most important is buying a safe car.

The cars that score worst in testing have caused as many as 100 fatalities per million cars on the road. There are a number of vehicles, though, that saw no deaths in over three years.

The 9 Safest Vehicles

The nine models that boasted a zero death rate include the: Volvo XC90 4WD, the Toyta Sequoia 4WD, Toyta Highlander Hybrid 4WD, Audi A4 4 WD, Kia Sorento 2WD, Lexus RX 350 4WD, Honda Odyssey, Subaru Legacy 4WD and the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class 4WD.

When this study was conducted 8 years previous not a single vehicle had a death rate of zero. The improvements are coming from safety advocate pushing to reduce traffic deaths, as well as from technological advances in the vehicles.

We may be decades away from eradicated traffic deaths altogether, and we may need road design and policy changes in addition to vehicle improvements. However, with the rise in vehicles boasting zero driver deaths we have a clearer picture of what is possible.

The Short List

It’s difficult to single out just one vehicle when 9 can make the same claims. So we decided it would be more fair to detail the strongest 3 contenders.

The Toyota Highlander Hybrid offers the best of Toyota- green, reliable, and super safe. There’s the rear parking sensors, blind spot monitor, and rear cross traffic alert. Upgrades are available to include lane departure alert, automatic high beam headlights, safety connect, and radar cruise control with a pre collision system.

The Audi A4 has a standard safety list a mile long. Traction control systems, electronic stability, four-wheel anti-lock brakes with brake assist, overhead curtain airbags, front side impact airbags, and tire pressure monitor. Not forgetting the Side Assist blind spot monitoring, parking assist, adaptive cruise control, and the rear outboard side impact airbags.

The Volvo XC90 has been one of the IIHS’ top safety picks for several years on the trot. It comes with a laundry list of safety features, including seatbelt pre-tensioners. What’s that? They automatically tighten seatbelts, which places the occupant in the optimal seating position to avoid serious injury in the event of a collision. The head rests are anti-whiplash, too.

We are certainly living in unique times, when there are a number of vehicles to choose from that boast death rates of zero. When you consider that less than a decade ago no car could offer such a claim, what is certain is that the technological advances are making a massive difference in the safety of vehicles.

In days gone by it was all about creating structurally safe vehicles to ensure that in the event of an accident injuries would be limited. This amazing safety automobile article was brought to you by the leaders in Gap insurance – For more information on gap insurance and receiving the best quote should visit the website above. However, car manufacturers are just as focused on building cars that can help prevent accidents from every occurring.

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18 Content Marketing Trends for These Days Content marketing industry is changing constantly, and most of the small and large companies measure their success by measuring the traffic received by their website. It is difficult measure intangible things that help them take step towards creating personas and matching them with proper list segmentation. The coming year will emphasis on getting traffic and many websites smell the conversion coffee and measure their success according to metrics.

Below are the top 18 content marketing trends that will help you drive traffic to your website.

  • 1.Rise in niche platforms

There is a great rise in niche platform, which is the top most popular trend that is going to emerge in 2015. Marketers will continue to fleece successful campaigns in the year 2015 by making use of niche platforms.

  • 2.Content creation

The year 2015 is a great year for content creators and more staff and brands are going to be involved in content creation. The year 2015 will bring a variety of centralized content creation programs that depend on user generated content.

  • 3.Vertical channels

Vertical channels with lucrative opportunities are going to emerge. The content is developed based on consumer’s passion as well as the need for business.

  • 4.Fundamental shift

There will be going to be a fundamental shift in leadership, and companies should stick to a well defines strategy to engage audience. The litmus test is one of the best content marketing programs that is found to be useful by the customers.

  • 5.Brief content

Content creators need to keep the content short and brief. Creators of content will need to distill interesting content to engage readers.

  • 6.Multimedia content

Content marketing is going to be multimedia in the coming years. Video marketing is going to motivate small and large companies along with targeted audience.

  • 7.Hyperlocal content

Hyperlocal content is expected to gain momentum. The key idea is to produce content by a person living in that geographical area. It is difficult to focus on content creating campaign that is written by the person living in a different region.

  • 8.Emerging storymonials

It is expected that storymonials are going to emerge to create ultimate brand experience. These are going to be the most powerful tools that can be employed by brands to tell their story.

  • 9.Professional writers

Content marketing is going to make use of professional writers. The editorial team of companies stared focusing on creating their own content and is fully optimized for better performance and engagement.

  • 10.Content marketing to merge with social media

Content marketing is going t merge with social media and it is expected that people are going to see huge increase in their business by the end of 2015.

  • 11.Mobile marketing

Content marketing is going to make use of mobile marketing, which will surely bring positive results. One can boom it into their marketing campaigns for better results and success.

  • 12.Distribution

Content marketing is going to focus more on distribution, where nearly 25% of the marketers are going to focus and invest in distribution.

  • 13.Marketing automation tools

Digital marketers are going to be more comfortable with automation tools and it is expected that business are going to spend more on marketing automation tools in the coming years. Companies agree that they need to improve their technologies for productive results.

  • 14.Paid placements

Content marketers are going to make use of paid placements, where native ads are becoming better in generating higher engagement. One can make the purchase intent jump up to 53% higher in 2015.

  • 15.Visual marketing

One can make their content stand out of the rest by making use of visual tools and marketing. This will help them get the attention they deserve from target audience.

  • 16.Advertising

Advertising will be going to become more subtle, where ads are being integrated with content. Advertisers will be going to embrace advertisements that are placed along with unique and informative content.

  • 17.Publication for content marketing

Content marketers will believe that publishing is the first step towards effective content marketing. Some businesses create content and believe that publishing is the only way for effective marketing.

  • 18.Email marketing

Content marketers are going to improve email marketing. Emails are one of the best methods to promote content and help you drive huge traffic to your website. Smart marketers will make use of email marketing to promote content as well as sell products and services.

The bottom line is one should look for ways to promote their content and provide a glimpse of their brand.

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Top 5 Tools For Lawyers To Make them More Productive Everyone is looking for an advantage. A time advantage. To get more things done in a day. It seems our to-do lists are getting longer and longer. And we don’t seem to make any headway because as soon as we check one thing off, three more fill its place.

Lawyers are no exception.

Here are five tools to help lawyers be more productive.

1. Invest in a Time Management Tool/Software

First of all, learn how to use your email program (i.e. Outlook) to its full potential. Learn to use the to-do list or flag/task program to remind you of things you need to do like hire a bankruptcy lawyer in phoenix, Arizona. When you’ve completed a task, click the check box and relish the minute feeling of satisfaction at seeing something completed. This task planning will help you prioritize and remember what it was that you needed to do next. You may actually want to use time management software in addition to your calendar program to help you monitor you and your team’s productivity on both billable and non-billable activities. It will help you and your staff see how much time is actually wasted and where improvements can be made to minimize distractions. It will also be easier to notice when activities fall through the cracks, and which clients are monopolizing your time that you may wish to fire or refer out.

2. Other Team Members

One of the best tools at a lawyer’s disposal is other office staff or legal team members. You can’t do everything yourself. One of the most important lessons people need to learn is to ask other people to take on part of the workload. It’s also probably one of the toughest things to learn to do besides saying no. Stop micromanaging. Once you ask someone to take on a project or assignment, let them complete it in the way that makes sense to them. The output should be exactly what you want, but the means of getting it done will all be up to your delegate. If you anticipate a project coming that your office team member would likely need more training for, then arrange for that. Doing this will help that member become a more valuable and versatile part of your team. With some of the smaller and bigger things delegated, you’ll have more energy for dealing with the things that really require your attention.

3. Time off!

Yes. Believe it or not, time off or relaxation time is essential for productivity. We’re not talking about days at a time, but little “brain breaks” and body breaks. More and more research is starting to show that forcing yourself to sit in your chair as long as possible to get as much done as possible will actually hinder your productivity. Forbes magazine says that getting up from your desk and moving around not only heightens your ability to concentrate, but it also enhances your health. So, take a walk, brush your teeth, engage in stretching exercises, play a quick Facebook game, do a crossword or Sudoku, but don’t stay at your desk if you can help it. Find somewhere else to be for a few moments. You’ll be amazed how a walk to the water cooler and a little conversation with someone else may jar a few ideas loose of how to handle a particular situation.

4. Sharepoint or MS Notebook

If you haven’t already heard about and started using these programs, now is a chance to do it. Both these programs allow you to work on a project or document collaboratively with others. It saves sending a gazillion emails or faxes to get feedback or input on a document or project. The file can be securely stored with permissions granted to certain people and they can write their comments directly on the file. It’s a great way to compile a whole bunch of thoughts, resources, research and case studies to help you prepare for court or to meet with a client. Once you have all that information, you can fine tune it into what you want.

5. Smaller, Bite-size Pieces

This may seem contradictory to delegating, where you’re trying to get the small, nuisance things off your plate, but it really isn’t. Breaking big things down into smaller pieces actually helps you see the path you need to take to complete a project, and help you feel like you’re making more progress. It may seem odd to quote a popular children’s program, but the point rings true: “If a problem seems too big to solve, solve a smaller problem first.” If the task in front of you seems overwhelming or has lots of parts to it, break it down even further and address each little piece systematically. You’ll see that as you solve the smaller problems one by one, you’ll come up with a solution to the bigger problems, too, or—and that’s even better—they’ll resolve along the way.

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15 SEO Myths You Never Knew We all know that myths are not a nice thing, so one must be aware regarding that and especially in the case of search engine optimization. It is necessary to be familiar with seo myths so that the same can be overcome and there is no hindrance at the time of optimization. Some of the common seo myths are given below:-

1. 1st rank only matters: There is a myth that only first page of the search engines is visited by the internet visitor. However, it is not true because according to the surveys which are conducted online it is clear that if 100 visitors are visiting the page, 80 people out of 100 are moving on the other pages also in order to get the relevant link.

2. SEO can be done by the person himself: There is a myth that search engine optimization can be successfully conducted by the technical or experts of this field only. However, it is not true because if the person wants, one can conduct SEO by himself only. For this, one has to only follow some guidelines and set of some specific techniques which are prescribed by the search engines. It is also true that doing SEO is a complex task and that is the reason why there are companies which are offering help in this regard. A simple approach is not always going to work if one wants some excellent and unique results.

3. Essentiality of the Meta tags: There are many professionals and individuals who say that there is no requirement of Meta tags so that their site could acquire a good place on the internet. However, if these Meta tags are placed properly in the site, the powerful search engines such as Bing and Google find itself easy in the promotion of these sites. So, one should know that these tags are the useful pieces and must be deployed in the business website.

4. Domain names which are rich in keyword will be ranked higher: Today this therapy of optimization does not work however it worked in the late 90’s. In the present time, search engines only look the process of indexing as well as the actual content of the pages rather than domain name which contains keyword.

5. Submitting the website to search engines: It is not necessary to submit the site on the search engines because at present search engines are very sophisticated and can search the site in few days only.

6. Rank boosting with the submission of the sitemap: It is clear that if you submit the website sitemap, there will be no change in the ranking of the website.

7. Nothing has to be done in regards of social media: We all know that SEO works on its own platform and has its own algorithms. However, both are closely linked with each other but works on different platforms.

8. CSS files are not read by the Google: CSS, JavaScript and all sorts of other files are read by the Google in order to see that whether the presentation of the site is appealing for the internet users or not.

9. Updating of the home page is required every time: Some people always update their home page in order to see their website on the first number. However, it is not true because if someone is having a sales web page, there will be no reason to change the page unless and until there is some change in the product or service.

10. Greater value of H1 header page: There is no role of this H1 header page in the raking of the Google and other search engines. It is mainly used for the entry of CSS so that internet users can watch this web page in a particular way.

11. Linking with the other sites which are ranked highly on the search engines: This concept does not work at all because Google has its own way to decide the PageRank which is completely based on its system of algorithms.

12. Use of automated methods in SEO: The method of optimization in considered to be a grunt work and considered to be a spammy promotion of the websites.

13. Ranking of the page is the way that matters: PageRank is the algorithm which Google uses in deciding the rank of the page. However, it also depends upon the usefulness of the website that up to what level the site is fruitful for others.

14. Title tags which are unknown by the search engines: Some of the people say that title tag is not necessary but it is not correct. The reason is that it plays an essential role in the optimization. The text which is appearing on the title tag is only seen by the visitor and one will click according to that only.

15. Preferential treatment is being provided by the Google Adwords: Only using Google Adwords is not going to help in better way. In order to get some best results, marketing company has to pay to the Google and then only one can get preferential treatments.

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