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11 Must Have SEO Plugins for WordPress

On Zach Browne

WordPress is by far a superior platform for online marketing and it can help you overcome a variety of your Internet marketing challenges by automating your tasks, freeing up your time, and most importantly, helping you rank on the search engines.

WordPress is the best framework available for SEO for a number of reasons:

Here is our recommended list of SEO plugins for WordPress:

WordPress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is by far the most important aspect of any long term WordPress website marketing strategy. From making sure your title tags are properly named to improving the load performance of your website (500ms improvement in load time yields up to 20% improvement in time on site and conversions), optimizing your website with WordPress and search engine optimization is at the core of appearing on Google and the other search engines when a potential client searches for something relevant to your business.

Write a Site Title That Drives More Traffic

On Zach Browne

Writing a strong, search engine friendly website title is not only important for potential visitors to find your website easier, it's one of the most important search engine optimization factors. If you were to choose one on-page SEO factor to do well, it would be your title.

The title goes inside the

<title> tags on each page and Google generates your title by either using what you put in your title tags, or if there is not title tag they use an algorithm to fill in the blanks.

Titles are very important and should give visitors a quick glance at what's in the content of the page and why it's relevant to their search.

Moz.com does some really cool annual research where they study all sorts of ranking factors relating to search engine optimization and then post the results. One of the factors they consider is the site title and their recommendation for the structure of a title is:

Primary Keyword - Secondary Keyword | Brand Name

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