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The Fastest Growing Open Source Project

After three months, CodeCombat has graduated from Y Combinator. The journey that began unexpectedly at Startup School went better than any of us had hoped.

We open-sourced everything at the start of YC. Over the course of three months, 120+ Archmages made over 2000 commits to the codebase, ranging from small tweaks to refactoring the entire server to adding a new programming language to our transpiler.

Had any other open source project grown as fast?

To find the answer, we analyzed the GitHub Archive's public timeline, which contains 185,000,000 GitHub events after February of 2011.

Internet 2012 Bus Tour: Day 0: Startup Weekend Iowa City

On Jumping on Entrepreneurship

I just finished facilitating Startup Weekend: Iowa City. This is the 5th Startup Weekend event I've facilitated, but probably the 14th or so I've been to.

I've mostly been to larger events - New York City, Seattle, Atlanta, DC - that draw 100+ people. But this was a smaller event, about 25 attendees. (This was actually my second "small" event, my first being a few weeks ago in Louisville, Kentucky.).

And I think I like the smaller events better.

On Friday night, I went through the usual facilitator song and dance. We had some great local speakers, we played Rock, Paper, War, and then we kicked off the pitches.

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