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Write Code, Crush Foes, Get Hired - $40K Multiplayer Programming Tournament

Ho, Wizard! Do you enjoy commanding minions from atop piles of gold? Do you want to win up to $2000 in prizes, get a new job at a tech company, or have your defeated foes bow before you? Then play Greed, CodeCombat’s new multiplayer programming arena level.

Today begins a three-week programming tournament with $40,000 in total prize value. You play as humans or ogres, write code to command your peasants or peons to gather gold and build armies, and watch your code battle its way up the leaderboards.

The Prizes

Python for Data mining and Analytics

On The Learning Curve

Python is probably one of the easiest language to learn and with the strong adoption rate from the programming community, I think it is worth it to invest time in learning python.

My journey with python started with a course of Artificial Intelligence and then due to a search engine development course that used python. But I haven't used Python for about 2 years now.

Now a days, I am more interested in doing Data mining and analytics with Python. So here is the first lesson:

(More on this later)

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