City Goes Country

An Unlikely Love Story


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Second Date With Tavern Man

So let the long distance relationship commence. Tavern Man texted me for about a week before reminding me that I promised to FaceTime him. Dang, this guy was actually serious. So we facetimed while he was at work, which is at a fire station...yeah be jealous ladies I got myself a fireman (he definitely used his job title to impress me the night we met, clearly it worked).

After about three weeks of facetiming I realized I was actually very intrigued by this man. We talked so easily and could go on for hours. I think the longest we facetimed was for four hours. It was during one of these long sessions that he told me about the Luke Bryan concert tickets he had purchased. He said, "I got two tickets to the concert and I think you should go with me." I thought he was kidding. Hello! I live in California! Well, he wasn't kidding, he really wanted me to go. So I said, "well if you're serious, I will consider it." And he said, "I am, I want you to come".

I talked to my mom about it and she said, "If you think you'll have a good time, then go." I didn't THINK I would, I KNEW I would. I mean country music in the actual country, I had to go. The next day I bought a plane ticket. Never did I think I would ever fly across the country for a boy.

3 months of talking everyday, and that is a fact, we talked EVERYDAY, I finally got to fly back and see this guy who was turning out to be Mr. Wonderful, at least over the phone. I was nervous things would be awkward, but we fell into conversation pretty easily when he picked me up from the airport, or at least he did because he's the talker.

As we got closer to his house I began to recognize the town from all my visits to my dance teacher. Then gradually we began to drive away from the town and from any civilization at all, and into the woods. Turns out Tavern Man lives in the sticks. It's so "sticky" that there is a good chance you'll miss his house just driving down the road because there are so many trees surrounding it. After getting over my surprise, I realize how beautiful and peaceful it is. Looking out the window from the bedroom, I saw flowers and sunlight streaming through the trees. In California, I look out my window and see a brick wall. Cool.

Getting Out

On Tynan

I was more F than A or C, but any way you look at it, I was an AFC. An Average Frustrated Chump. I had a crush on a girl named Renee, who lived on my floor in the dorm.

For weeks I lived in agony, wondering if she liked me. I'd make subtle hints and get back subtle responses which weren't nearly conclusive enough for me to do anything about it.

Things came to a head on Friday night. I had to ask her. Not in person, of course. On AIM.

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