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I Got Twitter.com/Tynan!

On Tynan

Fresh off my eleventh hour victory in buying Tynan.com, I turned my sights at my next vanity obsession, the @tynan Twitter username.

I was late on the Twitter train, and by the time I climbed aboard, @tynan was taken. I settled for @tynanbtyb, which made sense back when my site was called Better Than Your Boyfriend. Switching to Tynan.net made the old twitter name look sloppy.

The guy who registered it posted two tweets, the second of the two pondering how tTitter works. Apparently he never figured it out, because he didn't log in for two and a half years afterwards.

How To Succeed on Twitter

On Zenith Marketing Blog

Twitter is the 'go-to' social media platform for many businesses and industries, and it is growing faster than most other networks. Having a twitter profile is now a vital component to most businesses, but just having a profile won't be any good. You can set up a profile and start tweeting out your musings on the ways of the world all you like, but unless you utilise it to it's potential, you will soon find yourself demotivated to continue updating it and won't have many followers.

Here is a few tips on setting yourself up to succeed on Twitter

1: Choose a sensible, memorable and logical handle

A handle is the term given to your twitter username - basically it will be @yourbusinessname. Try to think about this before you settle on a handle. You can change it at a later date, but a well thought out handle can improve your chances of getting off to a good start. If you are a business, then try to keep it as close to your actual business name as possible - this is because it will come up in search and it will also help people to remember your name when tweeting. Anything that positively relates to search is a good thing!

2: Make your profile picture relevant and clear

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