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10 Reasons Why Education as we Know it is Dying

I have a thesis that the education industry will drastically change over the next 10-20 years.

Education reform has been a topic of conversation for a long time in America. Why is the change going to happen now? What is different this time around?

Just a note, I do not expect most Universities to disappear in the next twenty years I just expect that they will have to drastically change because of the 10 points listed above.

Teaching Math: Goals for the new school year

On The Land of Math

In our never ending quest to improve as math teachers and help make math enjoyable for students (or at least less painful) we slapped together a few goals for the upcoming school year.


We have spent a boatload of time this summer tearing apart the math common core standards. Not just our grade (7th), but all grade levels from k to 8. As we enter the school year we feel as prepared as any school year. We want continue adding to math knowledge as the year progresses. We are currently taking the Stanford math class with Jo Boaler which has been very enjoyable.


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