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[Book] The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork

RATING: 61 // The list is of 17 “laws” is worth reviewing as a mental check.

THE FACTS // Author : John C. Maxwell > Category : Business > Time to Read : 4 Hours

TWITTER SUMMARY // Embrace these 17 laws of teamwork and you will be able to empower your team.

IMPORTANT NOTES // I read this over a decade ago so take my opinion and review with a grain of salt.

How I Read

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I was a pretty good reader as a kid. My mom recounts me sitting in the corner reading in pre-school instead of doing whatever other pre-schoolers did. In Kindergarten, I was praised for reading more books than any other kid. Throughout the elementary school summers, I dominated the summer reading programs in all the neighboring cities.

Eventually, I started to realize that all of these books are the same. Sometime when I was 10, I started to realize every book seemed to be about some derpy kid who eventually overcame his fears and saved the world, or at least his friend group.

I had the intellectual ability to read YA and adult books at the time, but not the emotional maturity. So, I hit a standstill.

Time passes on, I get into Classics (aka: any title whose name being uttered made me sound smart). I got a Kindle and subsequently got into Indie trash, at one point reading one book per day. Then the Kindle broke and I had no clue what to do.

I went through a massive overhaul on how I thought about reading, which leads us to how I read today.

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