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3/three/30 Marathon Training Plan 1.0

I recently set a personal target of successfully completing a marathon in under 3 hours with less than 3 hours of training per week (including cross training) before I turn 31. Because of this I am calling it the 3/three/30 marathon training plan. Below is my first training plan based on my initial research.


Target Pace: Run a marathon in a time that qualifies for Boston (Under 3 hours and 5 minutes about 7 minute miles)

Literal Self Discipline

On Tynan

Two days into my trip to Tokyo, I sign on to Facebook and go to see if it's my move in Words With Friends. I like WWF because it takes up minimal time, seems to actually be good for the brain, and keeps me in touch with some friends I wouldn't otherwise regularly communicate with.

On the right, where Facebook streams the online actions of everyone I know, I see that my younger cousin has played Tetris Battle. Ooh. I like Tetris. Maybe I can play against my cousin and show him a thing or two. I click the icon, find out I can't play against him, but decide to play a round anyway.

Two days later and I'm a higher Tetris rank than anyone else on my facebook list and I actually bought five bucks worth of facebook credits so that I don't have to wait between games. Writing that now seems tantamount to admitting to shooting heroin. What's more pathetic than spending your day playing Tetris on Facebook when you have tons of work to do and are in a cool foreign country? Luckily I came to my senses pretty much immediately after depositing money. I told my friend Elliot that if I play another game, he must confiscate my computer and keep it. For good measure I  block from my computer. I'll never play again.

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