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Vancouver's Wedding Band

Our pro sound system and lights can be tailored for any size room. For those locations that require a more subtle approach, there’s an option of electronic drums to keep the volume down to where you need it to be, while still keeping the dynamics and intensity of a full band.

Cakewalk plays fun, danceable music from the 60’s to current hits, including but not limited to Soul, Funk, R&B, Disco, and Pop. Their sincere love of music shows in the way this group entertains the crowd and keeps them dancing all night with song after song of danceable grooves from the Jackie Wilson 1967 hit “Higher & Higher” to Bruno Mars “Locked Out of Heaven”.

Cakewalk band features

This 5 piece band has something for everyone with 4 singers doing 4 part harmonies, bass, drums, keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, and harmonica.

What we provide:

Spring heart

On like an apple

The sun rises higher. It strikes a branch, where ice shines And turns to water.

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