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How-To Ski Four Colorado Mountains in One Day

It all started apres ski at Beaver Creek while riding the bus back to Bear Lot. We started talking to a bro on the bus about our plans the next day. He told me about how he skied all four Vail Resorts-owned Colorado mountains (Beaver Creek, Vail, Breckenridge, and Keystone) in one day (Arapahoe Basin is owned by Vail Resorts but they don't have EpicMix on their slopes). After getting a drunken download on how exactly to accomplish skiing four-in-one-day, we decided to hit it hard the next. This plan is ideal for a Colorado local living on the Frontrange since you will be starting at the mountain farthest from Denver (Beaver Creek).

What you need:

Here is what we did:

My Top 6 Favorite Places to Eat in New York City

On Ideas in the Making

New York City is one of my favorite cities: the metro is extensive, and 24/7, the museums are top-notch (MoMA anyone?) and the amount of things going on at any one time are astronomical. But one thing that never fails to captivate my attention and truly make me love New York City is the food. New York is arguably the best place to eat in the world. Some may say Paris or Chicago or Spain(my favorite country), but in fact none of these compare with New York City across all cuisines and types of food. Paris might have the worlds best Pastries, cheese, and chocolates, and Spain might have some of the world's best seafood and ham, but no other city has the amount of innovative, diversified and multi-faceted food scene that New York has. Every time I got New York City, there are at least 10+ new restaurants, bakeries, or shops doing something new, different and refreshing. This can make New York incredibly overwhelming, thus I have set off to write about my 6 favorite places to eat in New York City.

1. Abraco 86 east 7th street.

(photo by premshree pillai)

Abraco is a small coffee place, located in the east village that serves up arguably the city's best coffee. The snacks and pastries here are also rock solid, and the crowd consist mostly of Starbucks-hating coffee geeks (win!). Abraco takes their coffee very seriously, currently they use Stumptown hair bender blend for espresso, which is an exceptional blend. Although not the best coffee I've had in the city ( Joe the art of coffee and Grumpy are better in my opinion) Abraco's pastries, the crowd, and the solid coffee makes it one of my go to places every time I'm in New York.

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