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Review of My First Grid Match and the Future of the NPGL

I checked out one of the first NPGL (National Pro Grid League) matches - Boston Iron vs. Miami Surge on August 24, 2014. I arrived to the arena about one hour before the match started and got to check out the Fanfest. It was outside behind the arena and the sponsor tents included a mix of local gyms, paleo related products for sale and typical Crossfit related sponsors - equipment manufacturers, apparel vendors, etc. The surprising thing to see at the Fanfest was the NPGL hometeam, the Boston Iron, apparel sales tent. It was packed with people paying premium money for the Boston iron team gear.

Once inside the arena, there was a large rig system setup (similar to the ones that you see at the Crossfit Games) and 4x4 grid with a start and finish line. There were about 20 crew members to change weights and clean up chalk and sweat. There was probably another 30 people that comprised the commentators, score keepers, referees and videographers. Also Eleiko was the equipment sponsor.

I would guess that about 600 spectators attended the match. The arena was the UMass Lowell Division I hockey arena and it was nowhere close to sold out. The reserved seats (first 1-5 rows on the floor) had quite a few older people seated in them which were most likely athletes families but also was not sold out. I had a front row seat right near the Miami Surge's finish line (the away team). The Boston Iron team was encouraging fan engagement by handing out lime green towel to wave in the air. There were also cheerleaders that came out between races. I don't know if they worked for the team or were from the college but they pumped up the crowd!

During the first two races, the crowd didn't start cheering until Natalie McClain did 40 straight chest to bar pullups and then the local Boston crowd erupted. There was a surprising amount of strategy involved - substitions and mental prep were huge. The short time domain of the races allowed for constant lead which kept the crowds attention and increased the edge of your seat drama. The Boston Iron's lack of conditioning was apparent in races 3 through 6 with both their men and women. Even though Miami was behind for most of those races they won 3 out of 4 of the races simply because they had the strength and endurance to fly through the Olympic lifting movements. The Miami team looked fresh at the end of the races while Boston was sucking wind.

Living in a Small RV: Electricity

On Tynan

This is a continuation of the Living in a Small RV series. It will be a bit boring for anyone who isn't interested in solar power, but I wanted to write it like this because I had a tough time finding all of this information tied together.

There are two classes of devices in an RV that need electricity, AC and DC. The DC ones run off the battery and these include things like lights, the water pump, the vent fan(s), and anything you can plug into a 12v socket.

The AC ones are primarily the air conditioner and the microwave. They get their power from either plugging the RV in to a campsite or 120v socket at a house or by running the generator.

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