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Musings of an entrepreneur's roadtrip throughout the U.S.


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Why a Roadtrip

A friend once told me a story about his coworker that had to save money to support his disabled mom. He rented out his house (to earn extra income) and then bought an all-weather sleeping bag. He never rented an apartment and he used his workplace to shower, workout, and cook food. When he needed to sleep he would find an empty field and use his all weather sleeping bag. It sounded fascinating to me and somewhat absurd but definitely intriguing. This story has been stuck in the back of my mind ever since...

Once I found the Crankset Group and began creating freedom from my businesses, I returned to this story. It seemed possible, especially if I made an effort to systemize business processes to enable me to live a location-independent (being able to work from anywhere) life. I set the goal of May 1, 2014, to start the roadtrip. (Denver to San Diego to Vancouver to Denver)

Here are my motivations behind the roadtrip:

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In last week's Get Some Victory newsletter, I asked readers if they could recommend some good podcasts. Got some great suggestions.

From Gamma Sync -

EconTalk - http://www.econtalk.org/

Australian Broadcasting Corporation - http://www.abc.net.au/ --GS's notes: Recommends "All in the Mind" weekly show on psychology and cognitive issues. The Philosophers Zone often good.

Canadian Broadcasting Company - http://www.cbc.ca/ --GS's notes: Good, but their shows aren't available for long, and no transcripts/links.

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