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How much knowledge we really need?

We live in a world where everything is so technologized. Everything up to now has vastly increased, in size, volume, quality etc. Even our population has increased by 10 times in the last last 100 years. But one would ask how much we really need to know in order to live?

Is there such thing as too much knowledge? I do not know, but I assume having too much knowledge, can sometimes hindrance our mind and body. Why is that?

We tend start over thinking, and diluting our self over things that won’t happen. Why is that? You have all the knowledge you gathered, but you never put it into practice.

Kickboxing Vs Thai Boxing, the Difference!!

On The Zany Chicken

When I was 10 my father trained me for kick boxing, Thai boxing and various other combat practices. He told me that it would help me for my self-defense, it will improvise my physical health and fitness. At that time I was not aware of what all that was, till I entered my 12th year of age. One day I was surfing on the internet and was reading about random things. I searched for martial arts, not knowing that they all weren't same at all. There are thousands of martial arts techniques practiced daily in the world, some of them are:

Surma stickfighting, Capoeira, Dambe, Nguni Stick Fighting, Bare knuckle boxing, Istunka, Vale Tudo, Nuba fighting, Wen-Do, Bojuka, kickboxing, Bok Fu, Close Quarters Combat, Perisai Diri, Kuntao, Tarung Derajat, Chun Kuk Do, Collegiate wrestling, Judo, Karate, Kendo, Thai boxing, Kyūjutsu, Kyudo, Ninjutsu, Danzan-ryū, Emerson Combat Systems, Gaidojutsu, And many more…

And I was aware of only few of these Thai Boxing, kick boxing, Judo, Karate and Ninjutsu which my father use to teach me daily.At first I thought that kick boxing and Thai boxing are the same, but later on I came to know that

kick boxing is a group of martial arts and stand-up combat sports based on punching and kicking, originated from, Muay Thai, Karate and Western boxing. It is moreover a type of Hybrid martial arts. Japanese kickboxing was originated in the late 1960s, while in America it was in 1970’s and,

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