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Telly, A Dog Who Needs a Home

Best Friend Pet Adoption (BFPA) is a local no-kill rescue program for cats and dogs.  I adopted both of my cats from BFPA a few years ago and have wanted to give back to the organization for some time. Now I am doing some volunteer photography work in the hopes that it will help some of their animals find new human families.

Yesterday I traveled to Zebulon, NC and met Telly, a Chinese Crested who needs to be adopted.  He is so sweet!  He came up and hugged me when I bent down to meet him.  He is extremely affectionate and followed his foster mom around the entire time I was there.  He didn't seem to even notice the six cats in the household.  

Please visit BFPA's website to find out more information about their adoption program.  If you want to adopt Telly, or know someone who does, contact BFPA.

I hope to be doing more photography for BFPA in the near future.  Watch this space for more animals who need to find homes.  >^.,.^

Newspaper 1 "The Obituary"

On Wellington Street

There was an obituary that appeared in the newspaper a few days ago. The person who died was an adult male, almost forty-five years old. The entry had his name, birth date, and the date of his death. However, all other information had been withheld.The only other piece of text that was included was a single line; “Their pain has ended.” The lack of information is especially strange considering obituaries are often written by or with the permission of the family involved. I have asked around, but few people have been willing to comment on it.

Upon speaking with the family and talking with local police I was able to get some information. The following is from the testimony of the families eldest daughter of sixteen. It is important to note that despite the strange nature of her admission, she has been deemed sane, and has not be accused of having any fault in the death of her step father.

“I was waiting at the park when the man came up to me . He sat down on the bench and asked me how I had been. He used my name, though I had never seen the man in all of my life. He was very old, and smelled heavily of cologne. His suite was olive green and his eyes were slightly pink. He had dark gums and thin, pink lips. His skin was pale, and was very wrinkly. I didn't like his voice. It was like listening to glass speak.

I asked him how he knew my name. He wouldn't answer that, and simply asked me again how I had been. I didn't know what to make of him. He was talking to me like I knew him, but I knew I had never seen his face before. I was going to leave, but David had told me not to go home for at least a hour. It had only been a half hour, and I was beginning to worry about my sister again.

I told him I was fine, but something in the way he frowned at me made it clear he knew I was lying.

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