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Panthers @ Patriots Preseason Game 3: What to Look For

Remember how this wasn’t called pass-interference?

Tonight the Patriots take on the Carolina Panthers in their third preseason matchup of the season. The third preseason game is usually the game in which the starters see the field for at least half the game, maybe more. Given the Patriots still have some injuries at the tight end position that could carry over into the regular season, look for the team to showcase their wide receiver position a little more than usual.

Offensively, Tom Brady will be behind center for at least one half and possibly into the third quarter, to get him used to coming out after halftime. Jimmy Garoppolo and Ryan Mallett will probably split time in the useless fourth quarter so to gauge their success or failure would be meaningless.

Receiver Aaron Dobson and tight end Rob Gronkowski were just recently promoted to 11 on 11 drills, and will probably sit tonight’s game out. This opens up the door once again for Brandon LaFell and Brian Tyms to show their ability and prove to Belichick they’re ready to be Patriots.

Sunday Football Is Back!

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After months and months and months of waiting, my Sundays are finally exciting again. The NFL regular season has finally started! And, to complement it, I'm playing Fantasy Football. So, I'm going to end up being violent towards players that I formerly liked that are not on my current roster.

But, in all reality, I'm so glad football is back. The Texans got super lucky against the Dolphins, though it seemed like a blowout. They scored three TD's within the two minute warning of the first half. The offense didn't do so well, only scoring Touchdowns after turnovers caused by our defense. However, our defense was amazing by not allowing a Touchdown (the only Dolphins' touchdown was from a Punt Return).

There were definite standouts this weekend however. I'm officially on the RGIII Bandwagon, for one. He threw for over 300 yards (I think - I'm too lazy to check). Plus, "Griffining" has taken over "Tebowing." I was never a big Tebow fan, but I am more than ready to support Griffin.

Adrian Peterson (who is on my fantasy team, thank you very much) apparently looks really well after his injury, so he better rack up some points for me. Just Kidding (sort of); it's good to see one of the best RB's in the league recover after such a devastating injury. On the other hand, I am so sorry for Fred Jackson, who was injured in Game 1 following a season-ending last year.

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