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How am I doing on my Goals?

On Tynan

So back in January, I wrote out my 7 goals for the year. It's been two months, so let's see how I'm doing :

1. Become FULLY polyphasic

I'm close on this one. Many days I go perfectly, sometimes if I have nothing to do I oversleep and then skip some naps during the day. I'm actually pretty satisfied with that, as I'm only sleeping 2.5-4.5 hours per night, I'm never tired, and can always count on being awake early and staying up late. I'll keep pressing to be more consistent, but I'm satisfied with where I am.

I found a way to get out of this "black hole"

On Lost in translation

Oh, yes. I am supposed to say "hello and welcome". So, Hi.

The first thing I would like to say it's that I'm a native Spanish speaker, so if I get lost in translation even when I'm writing English, don't judge me so bad.

The second thing I would like you to know, it is the main purpose of this blog. I found pretty interesting how desperate we found ourselves when we are learning a new language. Specially if you moved to a new country and you really don't know how to ask for help. I don't remember myself when I first learned English, perhaps because I was pretty young, but in French it is just driving me crazy.

So, I read that if you write short stories in the language you want to learn, and people help you to correct it and to improve your vocabulary, your grammar and everything concerned to the language, you might learn faster than you think. Basically, this blog has the purpose to improve my French language (though I accept corrections on my English too), so you will find probably reading a few short stories on French (which will be translated later to English) and I would love if anyone could help to write them correctly.

That's the way I found to get out of this language "black hole" (Oh, I must say, my major is on Physics, so that's why you will find a lot of idioms with those things).

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