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Meet bee-bot.

He's a programmable robot that was made for (company's words here) teaching "sequencing, estimation, problem-solving, and just having fun!" He's smiley, he's plastic, and he's going to help kids engage in computational thinking. That's right folks, this little guy can be used to teach coding to the early childhood set.

I could play buzzword BINGO with all of the trendy computer sciencey terms I'm used to hearing at conferences. (Makers - Fixers - Coding -Computational thinking - Innovation - Producers - Entrepreneurial thinking - FREE SPACE - Curation - Design theory - Current century - you get the idea!) People are excited about all of the constant changes in technology and new tools available, and why shouldn't they be? They're awesome!! But sometimes it's hard to see where this all fits with library. I often wonder: Am I jumping on the buzzword bandwagon just because [insert term here] is hip and current (all of the associations I want my community members to have about the library)? Or is there a real inquiry/info. literacy/literature connection? To be honest, it's probably a little bit of everything.

In my library classroom, the focus is always on my students and the learning goals for each and every activity. The goals might lead us to bee-bot, or Primo, or something else trendy and computer science-related. They might not. But boy, are we lucky to have options. The variety keeps students engaged and the learning authentic. And with this little bee-bot buzzer, I do see real library connections. Here are a few of my bee-bot ideas:

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