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Little May Updates

On Tynan

I still live in the RV. People ask how long I'm going to stay here and honestly I don't know. I love it so much that I don't even want to leave. I DO want a solar panel, though, which gets installed thursday. That's exciting. Did I already mention that I had 5 people over to play cards? That's six people in the tiny RV including me, which is my personal record. Soon I will have a house party.

I learned (the basics of) PHP, MYSQL, and AJAX in the past week. They have such scary names I assumed that it would be really difficult to learn, but in fact it's super easy. I'm making a quiz site (like those myspace quizzes), and I already have most of it done. It's even fancy and ajaxy. If you're a lady, pretend that this last paragraph was about me saving kids from a fire, and not about nerdy stuff. Thanks.

My eyes are getting better and better from PRK. Still not totally recovered, but almost certainly 20/20. We go in for a checkup in a few days, so we'll see what the doctor says.

My Venture

On Matt's Reality

Before I start selfishly rambling on about myself, let me ask you one thing.

What is your current venture?

By definition, the word venture means "a risky or daring journey or undertaking." If you're not doing anything that matches that definition, consider this a good opportunity to make the remainder of your life monumental by doing something different.

Naturally, my current venture is the journey of writing my first novel, which you may have read about in my earlier posts. I also have a plethora of other writing projects—both long and short—planned for the future.

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