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On The Geek Speak

Hey everybody!

This geeky girl is rounding up gadgets and gizmos that would be awesome to try out!

If you have any of these, please chime in with your opinion!

SLEEPTRACKER Elite Watch This little baby monitors sleep patterns and actually wakes you up at the optimal time in the morning. Some mornings I wake up and I feel like absolute death. I sure hope this really works, but I’ve heard that some people don’t even use the alarm feature. The analytics feature alone is a useful tool and I would love to try this little gadget sometime soon!

Who Needs Coffee? Wake Up With a Morning Mantra

On Zen Wednesday

“I change my thoughts, I change my world.”

Norman Vincent Peale

The idea for this post came from my friend Shellie who recounted a story to me the other day about driving to work. As she was heading in to the office (at a ridiculously early hour) to face what she anticipated would be a very stressful day, her jaw already tightening with the pressure, she found herself starting to repeat a little mantra over and over in the quiet dark of her car “I am happy….I am happy….I am happy…” After a few minutes of repeated focus on a positive feeling, she found that she was actually starting to smile. By the time she pulled into the parking lot, the sun was rising and the stressed-out, anxious feeling was gone. She felt upbeat and, dare we say, actually happy. Shellie said the entire tone of her day changed from one of perceived stress and general dread, to an attitude of “I am on it! I can get this done.”

It is amazing how just a few moments of thinking positively in the morning can transform your entire day. When you first wake up, your mind is supremely receptive to suggestion and ideas. Why not use this knowledge to your advantage?! Morning mantras (or affirmations) can reset the neural pathways in your brain and set you on the path of positive energy before your day officially kicks into gear. Positive thoughts attract positive actions, which means with a few minutes of focused attention each morning you can literally set yourself up for a more positive day.

Do you really want to start your day with worried thoughts of your to-do list? By rehashing past arguments? Of course not, yet so many of us do. And the thing to remember is, the law of attraction also works in reverse; negativity breeds more negativity. If your first thoughts are of busyness, lack, worry, etc., you’re laying the groundwork for an anxiety ridden day.

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