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Travel Tip #1: Defense Through Bacteria

Three servings of fermented shark, hakarl, the first thing I eat when in Iceland. Anthony Bourdain has called it "the single worst, most disgusting and terrible tasting thing." I wash it down with a shot of brennivin, which is adorably nicknamed "Black Death."


Consuming an indigenous fermented dish is my no. 1 adaptation & sickness-prevention strategy.

The water will still get you sick in some areas of the world if you're not careful, but more often than not sickness will be due to the lowered defenses that come with living in a "cleaner" plasticized, sanitized environment.

We weren't designed to be thrown into a totally different part of the world over the course of a few hours. Traveling by foot historically allowed for our gradual acclimation to foreign bacteria cultures.

Reply to Hold your sword lightly


For the longest time I was obsessed with summoning up massive energies within myself to perform all the goals I had laid out for myself in life. Then, I realized that it would be much more awesome to just get there via effortlessness instead. So now I try to do things smoothly by default, and only use the massive energy once in a while.

Self-talk is a big part of this. Notice how Ronnie Coleman always yells "light weight baby!" or "ain't nuthin' but a peanut!" before he pulls or squats 800 lbs? That's what I'm talking about. Those lofty life aspirations you have? Ain't nuthin' but a peanut.

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