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Money-Making Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

I've been trying to make money ever since I was 7 years old. Some of my ideas have been more successful than others. But all in all, the ventures I pursued in my younger years panned out and I made some (relatively) great money. The experiences I had, and the ventures themselves, taught me a lot about how to be a successful entrepreneur and provided me with a solid foundation going forward.

This post is a recap of some of the businesses I did. Get with your kid and try one!

Age 7: Sodas at City League Baseball/Softball Games

My hometown of Rocklin, CA has a great baseball and softball city league scene. My dad at the time played on one of the teams. So every Friday night I went to his games. But I was always thirsty. And their drink selection was horrible. I had found an opportunity.

With the help of my mother I went to Costco every Friday before the games and purchased sodas and bottled water in bulk. We also got some ice. I filled two coolers full of drinks, grabbed my big cardboard sign I made, and we headed to the park.

Post #13 - Donely Gunn: My Kindred Spirit

On Notes Too Frank

Dear Reader,

Between not speaking English, living in West Point, MS, and operating a restaurant, there's just not much time or opportunity for my dad to make friends. The few friends my dad has usually come from something work related or from hanging out at the casino (I guess gambling and work are two things that overcome language barriers). One of my dad's friends, Gunn as we call him, ate at the restaurant today. Gunn drinks water with "a lot of lemons" and always sits at the big table at the back, and my dad usually sits with him, drinking coffee, reading a newspaper, and shooting the shit with Gunn.

I don't know how Gunn follows what Dad is saying. As far as I know Gunn only speaks English, while my dad usually has to communicate using some blend of English, Spanish, Chinese, and charades. Dad doesn't even use the right words to describe the right things, but Gunn knows what he's saying nonetheless. I remember one time my dad saying something about a "lavel" and "lawnmower" and then it turned out they were talking about a busted water pipe... Somehow Gunn understood, even though I had no idea.

I don't even really know how these two met, but I remember Gunn ever since I can remember. He's always been around since I was a wee-baby. I remember playing hide-n-go-seek in the restaurant after closing hours. Gunn was "it". He found me and chased me until I was out of breath, giggling as little kids do until tears were rolling down my cheeks. He was also there when we lived in a "shack" behind the restaurant. I still see the pictures Mom took all those years ago, with me and my brother standing around Dad, barbecuing on a broken grill, and I think Gunn is somewhere in there. I always remember him playing games with us. If it wasn't hide-n-go-seek, then we'd be playing basketball with a flat ball on a net-less goal that still hangs behind the restaurant (though the shack is gone and the goal is in a different spot). He was even there to help us build our current house out in the country.

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