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Always Look Ahead (A contrarian view on living for the moment)

"Keep your eye on the ball!!!" they always say. Live in the present they always say! Seize the moment yadda yadda. I'd like to present a contrarian point of view - always look ahead!

I was responding to a post at http://sett.com/spandrella/reasons-to-live then browsing the interwebs after looking at my stocks again. In that post I linked I ruminated on how transient life seems to be in the present... how everything we fall in love we may eventually fall out of love with. With that, in the present, there may not be anything that excites.

Anyway, I stumbled onto the tech geek accumulator sites and saw the possibilities for the future and all of a sudden got excited again.  Cheap 3-d printing for the home user at 200-400$.   Cheap homes made out of mass scale 3-d printing techniques and clay! Yayaya! I felt the inner passions rise and my consciousness awaken again. I was excited about life again - and all because I looked ahead.

I am starting to wonder now if always looking ahead is the way to go. Back when I used to play zombie apocalypse games there was a common trend to them all. You always had to keep moving forward. If you stayed in any one place/street/corner/box you were as good as dead - guaranteed. It's all because the resources to keep you alive don't continually spawn in that little 16x16 pixel space of gameworld you occupy. The resources are always spawning far and away out there in the expanses. You always needed to keep gunning and keep moving. You'd exhaust the resources on one small corner of the map as you'd go and you'd quickly move to find more weapons and healthkits. Stagnation was a sure ticket to death as the chances of resources spawning where you are at this exact moment were slim to none.

Life is kind of like that too. The things you need to advance in life don't show up at your doorstep - you need to grab the fruit down from the trees. So what does this all have to do with always looking ahead vs living in the present? Simple. In the present things may not be where we want them to be. We may not be doing what we want to be doing. We may not have all that we want to have. Everything is far off and away and the more we focus on what is now the more depressed we get. Sure appreciation and gratitude help lessen the sting but they alone don't give us the energetic jolt to move forward again and survive. We need that inspiration to get us off our asses even as the zombies close in all around us and make a mad dash for that next street corner where an abundance of resources await!

Reply to Why You Should Probably Buy Bitcoins

On Danny Schmidgall

Alas, while I would like to say that there is a single one-stop shop about bitcoins, there is not. As a general rule, avoid most news articles, as many are inaccurate, oversimplified, and repetitive.

As a background, read what a crytographic hash function is and how RSA cryptography works. You don't need to know every step of the algorithms, just what their inputs and outputs are, as the algorithms are purposely designed to be so complicated that nobody knows everything they do (that's the reason for a hash function).

Teach yourself the basics of bitcoin mining, transaction fees, and the blockchain.

For development, I would focus on locating things produced by specific sources who are involved in the development of bitcoins. Read anything written by Gavin Andressen, as he is the primary developer of bitcoins at the moment and everything I've read from him seems to be accurate. Review his plans for development in bitcoin version 0.9, and find his roadmap for future features.

Research the current technical issues facing bitcoins. The only issue I see that can prevent bitcoins from becoming the world currency is the 1MB transaction limit. Get an understanding of how it takes 95% to upgrade the network to get rid of the 1MB transaction limit, and how bitcoins may have already passed the point where everyone can agree on a solution to this issue. Also, read about mining pool centralization.

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