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Wellness really isn't that complicated.

Happy Month of Healthy Living!

On Runner's Ravings

With my academics now under control, it’s time to divert my attention back towards my diet and exercise. In my effort to get a good college schedule in order, I have become a little less disciplined in the weight-room and the kitchen. In September, I plan to change this, and here’s how.

:: 30 Days of Healthy Living, Diet Edition ::

For the next 30 days, I will be making a number of changes to my diet. Not all at once--but rather eliminating one thing for the first three weeks, along with finding new, healthy replacements for those things, and then bringing it all together and sustaining the change in the final week of September. Here is the final plan, which I have deeply considered and weighed, and that I find to be completely reasonable and achievable:

:: Week One - Eliminating Fried and Sugary Foods ::

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