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Revival In Our Hearts

This week at First Assembly of God in Live Oak, Florida a youth revival is going on. I attended Monday night and last night(Tuesday). Both Monday and Tuesday night I showed up expecting the Lord to show up. I can tell you that show up is exactly what He did. God has anointed the youth of my generation for a greater purpose. He has chosen us to rise from the remnant! We should't be hiding our light under the bushel. Elijah Higginbotham, 17 years old, preached an anointed message, telling us that we are chosen! God has chosen us to be a peculiar people, to stand out from the rest of the world. We live in this world, but we're not of it! Towards what we thought was the end of the service, Pastor Mike Townsend was obeying the Spirit of the Lord and hesitated to close the service out. A second wave of the Holy Spirit moved on the youth and it started all over again! God blessed and poured out His blessings on us in a great and mighty way! If you are hungry for more of God and you want your cup filled and flowing over I suggest you attend this youth revival at least once this week. You will NOT regret it!

Praise GOD!!,

Love Kelsey

day 30 | john 3-4

On grow

In the book of Numbers, there's a weird story about Moses, God, and some snakes. The people were complaining about all the traveling, and didn't care much for the bread that God was providing everyday. So, God sends some poisonous snakes and they bit a bunch of people who died. Of course, the people took back their words and begged Moses to make God stop hurting them. To heal the people, God told Moses to make a bronze figurine of the poisonous snake and put it on a pole. If one was to be healed, he had to look into the eyes of the snake.

Jesus tells Nicodemus that the Son of Man has to be lifted up just like Moses lifted up the snake in the wilderness. Isn't that a little strange?

Jesus isn't just comparing himself to this thing that heals and gives life. He's also comparing himself to this thing that harms and gives death.


Remember when Jesus said something like you gotta lose your life to gain it? I think it has something to do with that. According to the text, God sent the snakes and he also sent Jesus. When the snakes bit the people, it prompted them to repent. When Jesus talks to people, he calls them to repentance. When the people looked into the eyes of the snake sent to change them, they were healed. And when people look into the eyes of Christ, I guess the same thing happens.

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